Carla Hoogkamer in Arnhem

Carla Hoogkamer uit Arnhem heeft geen profiel.

Wat doet Carla Hoogkamer in Arnhem

Carla Hoogkamer is een kunstenaar uit Arnhem. Men is gevestigd aan de Medemblikhof 55. Het telefoonnummer van Carla Hoogkamer in Arnhem is 06-14628761.

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Carla Hoogkamer in Arnhem valt onder de rubriek kunstenaar. Een kunstenaar uit Arnhem levert onder andere :


They said History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

27 juni 2006 I became a bachelor at the Artez Arnhem Academy of Visual Arts

I found it on the doormat as I was entering my house. I picked it up because I thought it was a beautiful brown button with a white cross on it.

Because I am of age I dont see so well without my glasses. I felt a tinkling on my hand and suddenly I heard a tiny little voice.

I was in a shock and got my glasses and saw that it was a spider. "Dont be afraid": she said:" I am an artist and a vegetarian, but mostly I live on dreams".

I said:"Oh that is nice I thought I was an artist too, for a wile". So I have lots of thoughts and dreams. You are welcome to live on mine.

So there she sits in the corner of my mind. She spins her web and catches my thoughts and my dreams. Once in a while I collect some , put them on paper, with a few words, as you see.


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